Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spread it- the love, I mean!

Chuchi girl was a sweet, sweet girl. Never met a stranger or a frisbee she didn't like. RIP, good girl.

It's Wednesday, y'all. And for those of you who read regularly, it's just our Wednesday karma round-up! I list a handful of people you can donate to (it started with a $5 donation request), and you give to them or to the charities, organizations, people etc. that move you.

Whether or not you have given to any of the organizations, charities and folks I've listed here, there have been some big successes, particularly as of late! Five charities (Turnip the Beet Farms, the Desert Farm Initiative, Semolina Superheroes -smallest American pasta factory, Carly Jacobs doing Silly things for a bus, and the Monarch Butterfly Tagging Project!) we've listed have met major goals and/or been able to fund their projects thanks to people like you!!! Take a moment to let that soak in. Lives have been changed!! Let's give it up for some major successes in the lives of a few, and manifest ways to help so many more!

*Many years ago I had the privilege of falling in love with a pup named Chuchi. She was my best friend. The sweetest pup around; she never hurt a fly. She happened to be a pit bull. I have loved and rescued a few pits in my life. It isn't the breed that is nasty, it's what has happened to them (what people have done to them). I support Tia Torres' rescue center in New Orleans because these animals never asked to be a "bully" breed. In fact, they used to be (and still are) a "nanny" breed. That's right. They were known for their sweet, kind and loving nature with children, with anyone who will love them. Support Villalobos, New Orleans today. In honor of Chuchi and Cannonball Mingus. Two loving and kind pits that have pieces of my heart forever. Bless Tia's heart and the hearts of all those beautiful animals. Truly.

*John Oliver did a great bit on how pageants, such as Miss America, are the largest "providers" of scholarships for women (i.e also shady as hell) and they require their recipients to be unmarried, participate in a swimsuit competition, be the proud owner of a completely pristine uterus and the ability to answer complex socio-political scenarios in only 20 seconds. Here are some other (BETTER) providers of scholarships for women that don't rely on bathing suit bottom adhesives. And don't get me wrong, pageants are what they are. They just shouldn't be the largest "provider" of academic scholarships for women. Ahem. Take some time to check out these sites: Society of Women Engineers, The Patsy Mink Foundation, and The Rankin Foundation. And a tip of the hat to John Oliver for delving so steadfastly into the subject as to enlighten even the (sometimes) laziest of feminists.

*Help retired racing Greyhounds live a fulfilling life filled with love and companionship!

*Save Ace's life. He's a rescue dog, deaf and blind and suffering a neurological disease that causes seizures. Yet somehow he has been able to help a child with autism learn, grow and behave better. Help this animal who was saved by this family who is, in turn, saving his family. Save Ave & his boy.

*Help Sam with the expenses to treat his Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It started out as what seemed like an infection that only needed antibiotics.

*I've said it once (maybe thrice), Find Your Waterkeeper!!!!

I hope y'all all have a truly wonderful day and remember that no act of kindness, no matter how small, goes unnoticed.

*Don't forget to say "Rabbit Rabbit" first thing in the morning today! It wishes you good luck throughout the upcoming month. If you forgot, you can always say "Tibbar Tibbar" to reverse the unfortunate juju. Love to all y'all!!!

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