Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Meditation

Well it is the Fall weekend. It's the last weekend before the crazy cluster and barrage of the "holidays" (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Chanukah). The foliage is at the perfect stage where the leaves haven't fallen off the branches but the colors are so stirring. The nights and mornings are chilly and the afternoons are lovely and mild. The breezes make a mess of your hair but that's okay, really.

Take some time today to really appreciate this particular weekend. It never feels more "Fall" than this. I have so many memories of "being young" i.e. feeling free and laughing a lot during this idyllic Autumn time.

It's a magical and simple time. Where the only purpose is the changing of the season and all the incredible alterations nature takes before Winter, nothing else. No shopping, no noise, no brutal discomfort. Just comfort, and friends and coziness and great music or great quiet. It is perfection.

Breathe in deeply a few times, let your shoulders relax. Take it in. Next weekend October will be over and it will be November.  It seems to go by so quickly. Really try to be present in this actual moment. It's a gift.

Have a truly beautiful day, y'all.

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