Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Happies!

Hey y'all! I can't believe it's rolling up on the weekend again! This week has just flown by. Well, you know the drill around here on Fridays, it's all about funs, happies, pretties and the like so you are ushered in to a great weekend with a smile on your face (even if you have to work all weekend like me!). Here we go!

*I was really inspired by this post. Why You Should Hang Out With + Date People You Admire.

*Black cat Halloween pumpkins?! Soo cool!!!

*Yum times a thousand.

*I'm not that into "shabby chic" but I dig this idea of making your crappy fridge look more rustic and less well- crappy!

*Um, yes please. 

*Well that is certainly something. I love it and its so odd!

*Watercolor mirrors. What a cool idea! I think I want to try to make some for gifts (and one for me...ahem). Would you try something like that? It reminds me of a beautiful watercolor tattoo I saw a few years ago.

*This made me and the hubs laugh so much for so long!

*Holy cow!! That. is. awesome!!!

*Akinator, the Web Genius will guess any fictional character you think of by asking you 20 questions. It guessed my obscure one. The hubs stumped it by picking a real person. Either way, it's eerily good! Fun!

*Well, that puppy is the cutest puppy I've seen today. Little feller!!

*A comedic gymnastics routine? Yep, and it made me chortle. There is definitely an homage to Mr. Bean or Monty Python in there somewhere.

Have a great weekend y'all!!

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