Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rainy Tuesday

Heavens! It is such a rainy day down here in the South. A huge thunder boomer has come in from the West and with it (hopefully) some cooler weather! Today I thought it might be fun to share some cool Fall items perfectly suitable for inclement weather! Here we go!

*Whatever this guy is selling, I'm buying. Ahem.

*And some rain boots for me (for when I have my little farm one day).

*Some saucy ones for rainy nights out!

*I love this packable trench coat in both colors!

*I'm a little practical when it comes to umbrellas (like an old British lady). I'd really like to have this one.

*Though, it is always nice to have a little fun umbrella in the car for emergencies. One of these would put a smile on my face. 

*What a pretty hat to face a storm in, eh?

*Alas, I must be on my way to work soon, but what I really want today however, is a little bit of this, and this, while looking out the window at this.

I hope you have a wonderful day, y'all! Stay warm and dry!


  1. My snugging in girl! I love the trench too....not the price ouch!

  2. i love that trench too, and at first the price had my eyes bulging, but then i thought "this is an investment piece! i could wear it for years". i just have to save for a few years to get it. ;-)