Monday, October 13, 2014

Little Victories!

Hey y'all, I hope you had a great weekend. I worked most of it but still managed to squeeze in some major fun on Sunday. Now it's Monday and around here on Mondays I share a few little victories in the hopes that you will recognize (and maybe share) the small progresses you've made. Acknowledging the progresses makes the goal more attainable (at least it feels it does!). So, without further ado, here we go!

*I skipped the booze. Not entirely, but I made an effort to resist triggers. I threw back some brewskis with the fam at Irish music night, and had deeeeeelcious wine at my anniversary dinner, however- I avoided my triggers the rest of the week (and when you're paying attention to calories...wowsa- that really adds up).

*Two smoothies a day. Keeping it up, trying to slim down a bit for our big trip to Atlanta next weekend to see John Prine. I'm so excited! Anyway, the point is, I'm making two delicious fruit & veg smoothies so I don't eat peanut butter and chocolate chips or a can of carrots for dinner as has been known to happen. Ahem.

*I've made a point to dance at a high intensity for 5-10 minutes every day. So far I'm four days in. I can really feel a difference and I'm just putting on catchy songs and dancing like a muppet in my kitchen. I look like a crazy person but it's so much fun (and a great workout)! Yes, I am a nerd. And the song above is one of my favorites, it's something about the drums.

What are some of your successes? I'd love to know! Every little thing does add up and can make a huge difference and/or impact on your life.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day!

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