Monday, October 27, 2014

Little Victories

Hey y'all! How was your weekend? Mine was great, though spent mostly at work. Well, Mondays around here are all about celebrating the little victories that make progress possible! I share a few of mine in hopes that it will inspire you to recognize all the little victories in your own world. Here we go!

*I stayed calm. I"m on an 11 day shift, my boss is out of town and we had a full store move (a pretty big deal) this weekend. I didn't lose my shit. I am, however, fighting a cold. And yes, the store looks good. Probably not as perfect as it would if my boss had been there (but it's a bit more streamlined in my opinion), and I didn't stress- didn't freak- just did my gig and kept positive. I'm kicking the cold's ass too, while I'm at it.

*I took the time to tell someone she was doing a great job. I think about doing this all the time and then I forget; but then I remembered how awesome it felt to be told I was doing a great job at work. It totally made my day. The young lady seemed really appreciative and you know what? I think I felt better too. The good karma circle, baby!

*I bought (and have been using) the Neutrogena face scrubby thingamadoodle. It exfoliates your face and makes it look all soft and air-brushed. After losing my job in 2010, I gave up my skin care products (to save money) for cold cream, water and sunscreen. It worked sort of, but I missed the regime (and luxury, I guess) of proper skin care. I had always been a stickler since I was like- fifteen. Anyway, I gotta say for $20, it's awesome! I noticed a difference after the first use. I love it! It feels so nice to take care of myself again after all that time. And yes, I've gotten my good ole products back too (Olay says what?!). My newborn crow's feet, laugh lines and rooster neck are well cared for once again.

What little victories have you had this week? I'd love to know!!

I truly hope you have a wonderful day!

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