Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Happies!

Clay Babies (see #4)

Hey y'all! It's Friday and it's time for some fun things to start your weekend off on the right foot! I hope y'all have had a great week and are ready for a lovely, relaxing and positivity-filled weekend.
Here we go!

*Are you a pogonophile? I am. Big time.

*I love this kid. He's so wonderfully weird. I appreciate that in a fellow human being.

*When I was a teenager, my mom painted our foyer a really beautiful robin's egg blue then hand-stamped gold metallic stars over it. Audacious? Yes! Awesome? Yes-er!! I think that's why I love this wallpaper so much (and I, by principle, detest wallpaper). It's just classy and a little over-the-top (which I love). I think it would be really amazing in a small bathroom or as a surprise when you open a closet door.

*How cool/weird/amazing! 

*I don't know if its because I've always loved miniatures, but I've wanted to downsize my appliances for a good long while (I may also be a nerd). When I build my dream house, I want a fridge like this. It's so cute!

*10 ways to fit fun into a busy day. We all need this sometimes, right?

*There's a little Karen in all of us.

*Well that's a hilarious idea for a jack-o-lantern!

*A cute way to stay organized.

*I don't know what the hell an artisan crystal baking sprinkle is (I'm going to go out on a limb and guess really fancy sprinkles), but it seems like it would be a great gift or stocking stuffer (yes, I'm thinking of that already) for the baker in your life.

*Bill Murray bath mat for the win!

I hope y'all have a truly wonderful day and weekend!

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