Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Meditation

It's almost here, y'all. Autumn (Septermber 22nd). Down here in the muggy South it's still quite warm (92-98 as opposed to 98-103 two weeks ago!). Yet, in the morning and in the evening, I can feel the chill of Fall creeping toward us. It is so lovely to feel the wispy tendrils of the season moving ever so closer toward us.

This weekend, take some time. I always say it, but go with it y'all. Take some damn time early in the morning or at dusk, or evening. Get out in it. Close your eyes. It doesn't matter if you're taking out the recycling or letting the dogs out one more time before bed...take the time out underneath the clouds and stars. Feel the changes on the wind.

Imagine for a moment you are a part of the landscape. Not a human, but a piece of nature. A tree, a hill, a majestic ox bow lake...just step outside yourself and pretend. Then let your mind wander to what you would be experiencing as that piece of nature as the season of Fall rolled around.

Would you be orange and yellow like a tree? Would your banks be inhabited with migrating birds like your local river? Whatever it may be, let it wash over you. Let yourself melt into your surroundings. We don't always have to be so individual and yadda yadda. We can be a part of something and be just as important.

It's the time of year to harvest all the things we've been working on since the New Year. All those resolutions. I bet you haven't thought of that before. I know I hadn't until a few years ago. That the seeds of change we make in January actually do take root and bloom and need to be harvested...? It's an odd thought to many I'm sure, but it's true.

As they say on Game of Thrones (and Schmidt on New Girl), Winter is coming. What are you going to do to enjoy every moment of the tail bits of Summer and oncoming lovely Fall? Be present. That's my suggestion. Live in it and treasure it because Summer has been beautiful and so shall be Autumn.

Life- well, she is beautiful.

Be kind to each other, y'all. I hope you have a truly wonderful day (and weekend)!

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