Thursday, September 18, 2014

Friday Happies!

Enormous sunflower at Mom's.

What's up, y'all? Is it just me or have the days and weeks just been flying by? It feels like I just put together a Friday list like two days ago! Wowsers. Well, it's time to get some happy juju flowing to gear up for the weekend.

Got any plans? I've got a few, but they mostly involve...well, I'll guess you'll find out on Monday! Now heeeeere's the list!

*I love this hat for Fall & Winter. I want to wear it and pretend I'm Carmen SanDiego, or some other woman of mystery and intrigue.

*I really enjoyed this young lady's article about Hermione and the need for strong, intelligent female characters in literature (and TV and movies etc. etc.). Well done, you!

*This thought has crossed my mind too.

*I love a tassel. I have a feeling if I owned these, I'd just rub my face on it all the time. Also, the name (Potterheads, am I right?).

*I'm fairly certain that this is what I sound like talking about any subject I'm interested in, and all my friends and family are my Bill Cosbys...Cosbies? I'm going with Cosbies.

*Some ABC's for happiness!

*Just makes me smile every time I see it. Shake it!

*I was late to the game to find Kid President, but I just adore him and the message. This one made me  laugh and tear up and feel so inspired and joyous. That means its time to do something!!! What will be your Space Jam?! Just love it. Play ball. 

*Well, this may have been me this week! It may have been, but I've still gotten in nearly seven miles so far!

*How I missed this the first and second time around, I know not. But I literally donkey laughed while washing dishes the other night when it came on. Dickies, yo!

*A great Carol Burnett  show with Betty White (looking damn foxy if I say so), Steve Martin and of course Vicki Lawrence (Thelma Harper woot woot!!).

I hope y'all laugh and smile and have a wonderful weekend, and if you have to work- you can make it through. Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations and it'll be a damn good day (or two in this case).

Later, y'all!

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