Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Meditation

For a minute there it felt like Fall was on its way. Despite the heat however, it is important to get out in nature and roll about in some good old fashioned peace. For today's meditation, go find somewhere outside (and preferably shady) to sit. Yes, sit on the ground. Get dirty, muddy and/or grass stain-y. Take your shoes off and close your eyes. Breathe deeply in and out for several breaths. Count if it helps to keep your mind from going astray.

Now open your eyes. Examine the nature that surrounds you. Where I live there are beautiful canopied live oak trees, palmettos and cypress. Really take the time to look at it all. The colors, sounds and smells.

The ground. Is it sandy? The grass. Is it itchy? Is it cool or dewey? What kind of animal life is around you? Squirrels and ducks? Dragonflies? Perhaps dogs playing or  seagulls if you live near the coast.

Examine these moments in nature and draw a centeredness and a connectedness from being a part of this little ecosystem for a minute. Imagine you are in a snow globe of sorts and all the things happening around you, like the tree branches moving in the breezes or birds flying above you, as the snow. As if you are in the center of the snow globe and someone shook it creating all this beauty and movement around you.

Send out gratitude either verbally or silently for each thing you see. For the trees and the birds and the water and the grass, whatever it is you that surrounds you. Send out gratitude for your life and the little successes you have had. Send out gratitude that you have taken just a few minutes to center yourself in nature, to do this for yourself.

It's such a good feeling, and gratitude has a way of making things better just by being acknowledged.

Now close your eyes and breathe deeply again. Now go and enjoy your day and weekend. I truly hope it's wonderful!

Image courtesy of North Florida Pictures.