Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Personal Sanctuary

If I could wave a wand and make the perfect sanctuary for myself today it would be a tiny bungalow somehow on the East/Gulf Coast and in the mountains (remember I said magic wand). I would have a brilliant homestead and gardens. Little idiot goats and chickens, some real Dick Strawbridge shit. A lovely porch in the shade and wind chimes smattered about.

Inside would be spare but cosy, clean and simple. A space for everything and everything in its place. There would, of course, be a serious bath tub because I'm a water baby.

There would be a fireplace with a beautiful (uncluttered) mantle.

There would be a wall of books. 

I would have counter space in the kitchen so I can make delicious and lovely things without knocking over my clean dish rack or having to pause to relocate things.

My bedroom would be a fluffy, calm and peaceful place with a really good fan and a nice morning view.

There would be a well-made, long wooden dining table outside for feeding and entertaining those I love on lovely nights. A small table indoors for tea and conversation or romantic dinners.

Tucked into a particularly lush corner around the back of the house would be a secret outdoor shower for the intoxicating experience of showering out in nature (perfect for the exhibitionist in me but private enough for those not quite so inclined).

This is where my mind goes when I daydream. My goal is to simplify enough to make this a reality.  I look around my house now and I get overwhelmed. I've gotten rid of such a tremendous amount of stuff and yet it still feels wonky. So I took some time today to nail down some images that inspire my future sanctuary so that perhaps I can manifest it in my present state. Have my sanctuary better represent my mind (which says so much about how my house is making me feel these days too, ha!)

What would your ultimate sanctuary/compound look like, feel like and smell like? I'd love to know!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!