Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Give A Little Bit!

Image of Apalachicola River Clyde Butcher

It's Wednesday, and on Wednesdays around here I like to take some time to find charities, organizations, and good ole folks to help out. Usually I can spare a fiver here and there and still stay within my budget; but if you feel so inclined, please give more! Several folks featured here in the past have met their goals! It feels so good to give (time, energy and cash if you have it), so let's see the list for this week! Happy giving hearts to you all!

*Help Bryce recover from a devastating fire that wiped out the whole apartment building where she lived.

*ShelterBox helps create temporary shelters in disaster-ridden areas.

*Support the Marine Mammal Center, they help rehabilitate marine life and educate people on the need for ocean stewardship!

*Help Nancy, a woman who has looked out over Klamath National Forrest for years. This year the fires destroyed her home and her trusty old truck.

*Help American Rivers! Help heal our North American waterways!

*Your donation to the World Wildlife Fund can help so much! Be the voice for those who have no voice.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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