Monday, September 1, 2014

Little Victories

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Rabbit Rabbit, friends!* I hope y'all all got to have the day off today, and if you didn't- I feel your pain! But there are still victories to be celebrated, as is the plan every Monday here on P&PPS! So heeere we go!

*I incrementally bettered my fitness trek. Now there were many factors at play here: 1) PMS- I wanted fried chicken smeared in Nutella, but I didn't have it! 2) I doubled my small workout circuit I do every morning to make up for the small indulgences I did have (espresso frozen yogurt & movie popcorn because I went to see Ghostbusters in the theatre!). 3) I ate a lot of apples. 4) I got outside (in the summer?! what??!) and jogged a little. It all added up to me feeling a little feistier, a little more fit, and (embarrassing to admit) a little bit cuter. Quite frankly, I needed to feel all of it.

*I closed an old wound. If I'm particularly quiet around you, then that means I'm probably in my own world hashing out something completely unrelated to what's going on. That was my weekend, in a sense. Because I worked so much, my mind just kind of put my body on autopilot and went in to the ole mine to work some shit out. Thanks to some need inside of me that surpassed logic, I stitched up an old wound, slapped a band-aid on it, and made peace with a piece of the past. It's a big little victory.

*I chose not to be a butthole about working all weekend. I volunteered for Monday and sort of got hosed for the whole four day weekend; but I chose not to be mad, or grumpy or even bitch about it (okay, I bitched a little bit, but I tried really hard not to). I chose to have a good time at work with my associates and sell sell SELL some cardigans, even though I didn't get to spend as much time with my friends and family as I would have liked.

*I said no. In the old days, when someone would ask me out for a drink at 10 at night and I was tired or fighting a cold or had a really early day the next morning, I'd most likely still go. I didn't this week. I wanted to, but I let myself sleep instead. Did I miss my friend? Of course! But that 10 hours of sleep I got was much needed (and resulted in some wonderfully scandalous dreams!) And I know I'll get to spend some Q-time with my friend when I'm feeling a little better.

What were some of your little victories this week, friends? I'd love it if you shared some with me. Keep the positivity train chugging along!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

*It's good luck to say "Rabbit Rabbit" first thing in the morning when you wake up on the first of the month. It brings you good luck throughout the month. If you forget, you can say it backwards (Tibbar Tibbar) first thing to counteract any bad juju. You're little dose of Southern superstition for the day!

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