Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yummy Sanctuaries

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I love food. I used to be more of a "eat to live" person but have steadily grown into a "lives to eat" type of gal over the years. I've mentioned before that Dionysus blessed me heartily with a love of good food and good drinks. Glazes, cocktails, sauces, round robust mushrooms exploding with flavor,  creamy melty cheeses, tangy pomegranate seeds popping in your mouth! Oh my goodness, I could go on (and on and on and on!)

The thing is, I work with a lot of people that do not have this relationship with food. It is simply sustenance. Well, I'm here to tell you sustenance doesn't have to be microwaved or boring. It can be fresh and delicious and give you the boost you need to make better choices for yourself as each opportunity presents itself. Feeding yourself is a spiritual act as well as a physical act. You are giving yourself fuel, energy and what you shove down that gullet of yours can determine what kind of energy you've got going on there.

So for this lovely Tuesday, here are some easy, cheap, healthy and fantastic meal and beverage ideas for you. I hope you can incorporate some into your week to perhaps give you a shove toward the positive.

*For these last weeks of summer, Blueberry Cucumber Salad with Feta and Lemon. I'd probably sub goat cheese because, well- goat cheese is my jam. Doesn't that sound so fresh and lovely?! Make a big batch and separate it into containers for easy-grab lunch sides. Particularly when you find yourself in a drab, windowless office for an extremely short lunch break...just me? Ha!

*I make this regularly and I love it. It's easy to make vegetarian too, if that's how you roll. Get it? Roll? Because it's on a roll! I crack myself up. But seriously, it's delicious.

*Roasted Grape Ricotta Crostinis with Rosemary and Pine Nuts. Oh de-lolly! That sounds magnificent. I'm making this this week! So damn easy, it's bananas!

*Growing up, I never had a healthy relationship with cauliflower. As I've delved more into luxuriously eating on the cheap, I've found that cauliflower is a bad ass. It is such a diverse vegetable. Sweet and nutty, just like me! These baked cauliflower bites look divine! Bake some of those up on a Sunday and have a popcorn shrimp-like situation all week long!

*Need a sweet treat? Check these beautiful bitches out. I'mma have to take all them, kthanks!

*Thirsty? Try this Cucumber Lemonade Mocktail.

*Or perhaps something a bit naughtier...

Do you have any healthy "quick-fixes" that you enjoy? I'd love to know! Share below!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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