Friday, August 1, 2014


Fridays always seem fun to me. It has stuck in my head as such even though I don't have normal weekends in my job. Friday night rolls around and I get excited like I'll get to sit down and watch T.G.I.F. on television (Sabrina the Teenage Witch!) and get a pizza for my sleepover. It's funny how those things stick with you!

Anywho, it's Friday and I'm off to spend a quiet weekend with my husband down on the coast. Here are some funs & happies for you to peruse and enjoy!

*Turn torn leggings into lampshades?! Intrigued! Would you try it? I totally might!

*I've read this a million times but every time I find it, I read it again. It was about the wrong guy!!

*Ha-larious. Suuuper awkward. And then ha-larious again.

*Just take my money.

*Help these kids get a bus! I donated, but they still need your help!

*I love interior design, and this house is great (a little Danish too-too for my taste, but it's not my house). However, I love LOVE the little bedroom nook. When the hubs and I find a smaller apartment, I want to make something like that. It's so very cosy!

*I'm a Southern girl and have beaucoup mason jars laying around the house. This would be something cool to try, perhaps for gifts (yes I'm already thinking of Winter holidays).

*And finally, a piece of my heart resides in New Orleans. I was so happy to see Jon Batiste & Stay Human on Colbert the other night take their music out into the streets and parade around New York. I was furthermore thrilled that they did it multiple times! There are too many videos to choose from , so here's a fun one from the subway. Shake your tail feathers, mes amis! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!

I truly hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. errrrmagerrrd, that wine holder for bathtubs...GENIUS.

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  3. right?! i already have a hard time leaving the bathtub as it is!!