Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Happies!

Adorable baby otter image by imgur.

Well, lovely people- we have certainly made it through another week. For those of you who have "normal" weekends, let's get it kicked off right! And for those of you, like me, who are working all weekend...hell- to everyone reading! Let's have a glass of wine or sparkling water or mega-green smoothie or whatever you like and enjoy some cool and/or happy, and/or unique, peaceful, kind and incandescent moments!

*Quitting sugar, but need something sweet? I kicked added/refined sugar a few months ago...and I'm completely happy with that for three weeks a month, which -ahem- leaves one week a month to, you a lunatic. And in that week-- I could care less about anything but chocolate. Therefore I enjoy one week of guilt-free indulgence, no apologies! Iiiitttttt's pretty great.

*Absolutely fresh and delicious-looking (and super easy) supper recipe!

*Oooooh, nostalgia! Big hits of the summertime, circa 1990's. From Toni Braxton to TLC; from Ace of Base to Hanson. It's pretty great, for a ride down squirm & memory lane. Was everything rayon/nylon/straightening iron then? Seriously?! So great. (Admission: I had a framed print-out picture of Hanson by my bed, Summer '97. Oh yeah.). I also realized I remember every line to almost all these classics on the list to this day. Wow.

*A great book my Mama gave me as a gift. I have referenced it in cocktail party conversations many times. Plus, if you're truly a book nerd, like me, then you'll definitely go mad for it.

*I want to go to there.

*Great article. How to recognize signs the Universe is presenting to you. 

*I will take three thousand of these, please. They smell like tobacco and cosiness and all things rainy-day lovely. Oh and one of these too.

I truly hope you have a wonderful day, and weekend!!

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