Friday, August 21, 2015

Top Three...Wardrobe Staples

I have a tendency to buy multiples of things that I like. That means I have duplicates of a lot of stuff. To be honest, I would wear nearly the same thing every day if I could. Some days I like to mix it up, but if left to my own devices...yep- I'd have the "Lulu Uniform". So, today's Top Three are my three favorite items I would wear every day if I could (and oftentimes do).

One of the dozen denim shirts I own (and not the same one as from yesterday's post either).

#1. Denim shirt. When I did the KonMari purge in April and May, I forced myself to get rid of the denim shirts that didn't float my boat 100%. I got rid of several and still had three left over. Since then I've purchased two more. I can't help it. White button down shirts look open up a whole other door of inconveniences (keeping it looking clean, different opacities which requires special attention to "underthings" that I prefer not to use my brain space for. It's the same idea, but less ease! Denim shirts are my go-to and probably always will. I even rock the "Canadian Tuxedo" at least twice a week (denim on denim).

#2. Red lipstick. It's been my staple since I was fifteen. I only wear one shade (Revival Red, Maybelline). I'm sure there are multitudes of other shades, but that one is the perfect orangey-pink. I can customize the intensity so I don't come off as a rabid vampire. If I'm not wearing that color, it's au natural with a swipe of lip balm (I can't be bothered, honestly- I'll pony up to my laziness). But I seriously rock the red at least four days a week. 

Black...yes even at the beach (and at my heaviest- hello Paleo!).

#3. Black. Black and oh yeah- more black. Ask anyone who's known me for more than five minutes and they'll tell you I wear a lot of black. It looks good on me and it's a blank canvas for whatever mood I may be in. Simple and chic? Black. Bohemian and exotic? Black. All-American? Black and denim. Night out on the town? Black. It's my ultimate go-to.

So there's my Top Three Staples. What are yours? I'd love to know!!

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