Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Friday, y'all!

Taken by moi in Apalach, 2014.

It's the "end" of another week and the beginning of another weekend. What do you have planned? I plan on checking out the last Blue Moon until 2018 (probably on my porch with a glass of wine with ice cubes in it- classy!). As for the weekend, I know not what is on the agenda. Perhaps antiquing with a buddy- perhaps schlepping about doing errands. I do know I have to take my car in to get the recalls fixed on it. Bugger- not having a vehicle for the day to run errands and grocery shop but I can make do!

Anyway, there's only 52 days left of Summer. It'll feel like even less when I see the big yella school buses roaming the city in two weeks. Where does the time go?

Instead of wasting time reading fifteen random (and totally awesome) things I've picked out for you, how about we go outside and get a sno-cone or go swimming or lay in the grass with our dogs? Eh? I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I have the sneaking suspicion a lot of y'all stayed inside in the air conditioning instead (not that I blame you). However!!

Let's be Summery while the days are still feeling so free. As soon as school starts back up (even for those of us not in school and with no children at home), it signals something inside of us that wants to hunker down and get new pencil boxes and fresh notebooks, find corduroy pants and get a new haircut and that freedom of those last dog days sparkles and fades away.

Embrace these last weeks. Check out the Blue Moon on Friday night. Drink wine with ice cubes in it too. Why the hell not? It's Summertime, right? Let the little kid inside you swing in the hammock of that loveliness a little while longer.

X's & O's. I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Great post and thank you for reminding us to be in the moment, because it goes by so fast.

  2. It certainly does! I got myself a sno-cone on Saturday! :-)