Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, friends! I surely hope you get some time to celebrate your independence. If you have to work, I say to you- stay strong and steadfast friends! Celebrations are everywhere you look!

 There's something so magical about this time of year. Perhaps because it is exactly the halfway point between the beginning and the end of the year. Perhaps because it's full of the nostalgic feelings of freedom that children have running about with sparklers and Otter Pops and what-not. It stays in your marrow, even as an adult. I don't know- there's a certain sweet, heady, hot and twinkling...magic this time of year. There's no other word for it.

I hope you find some magic this weekend too, friends. And here's this week's list!

*Check it this weirdly interesting optical illusion dance recital.
*Smaller than I dream of, but a rad tiny house nonetheless. Loved the Beer Moth House too!
*Proud Mama rents a billboard for her son's graduation. So sweet!
*Hahaha! Weird ways couples mess with each other. I know I've posted it before, but I spent an hour watching all of their videos over and over and I just want to be friends with them!
*Gilmore Girls Sports Bar? Where is Jess is more...
*Woah. Poignant and telling and...well check it out... Like A Girl.
*Cool!!! Blood donors in Sweden get a text when their donations save a life or helps someone! That's so damn neato I can hardly stand it! We as Americans are just narcissistic enough to find that really rewarding! Ha!
*24 Parents You Wish You Knew In Real Life...Hilarious and great, but my folks should be on there too!
*Waking up with Katia and Tilvie (the bunny). I just love the pictures and the artist's morning routines aren't too shabby either.
*#ProudtoLove. Oh, did it ever make me tear up!
*A 3 year old receives unbelievable bill for damaging neighbor's car!
*Gorgeous little farmhouse in...New York City...on the roof of a 6-story building. It even has a yard and garden!!
*How to attract fireflies to your backyard! (Try to ex-nay on collecting them though, their numbers are dwindling).

*Some extra fireworks fer ya!

I hope y'all have a groovy Fourth of July weekend. Take a few moments to send out some gratitude for your freedoms, liberties and those who have come before you to keep them. Ciao, friends!

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