Monday, June 15, 2015

For the win!

Post yard sale glow...and celebratory breakfast time!

Well, we had the yard sale on Saturday. Boy, does it ever feel good to have that over. I feel like I could get rid of a whole lot more too. I reckon I'll be making a few more passes through the ole storage unit over the next few weeks.

This was the storage unit before we loaded it up. I have to say even after eleven boxes, an enormous painting, some furniture and some odds and ends- it didn't look as empty as I'd hoped. I'm getting back in there over the next few weeks because I really want to downgrade.

Two truckloads of stuff! I also have a cute photo of my sweet friend who helped me, but the sun was shining right in his eyes and I didn't want to put a picture up without his approval ('cause I lurve ya hunneh).

You was SO busy so early, that by 9:30 a.m., we had almost sold out of everything worth anything. When it died down, we called a local charity and they picked it all up for us while we went and had cold beers. Anyway, I wanted to get a picture of the hullaballoo, but this is what I got instead.

And then I made that cheddar y'all! It was my 3rd most successful yard sale, but I'm grateful for it and I'm thankful to be rid of so much stuff. I think there had to be at least an actual ton of stuff we got rid of. It feels good! And ridding myself of the unnecessary is rather addictive!

So what did y'all do with your weekend? I'd love to know! I hope you have a wonderful day!!


  1. It was hard work but it is always fun with you darling girl!