Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Breaking the Radio Silence

Y'all, last week was the lost week for me. You know that phrase "everything that can go wrong, did go wrong"? It was a lot like that except it seemed like it was only about human interaction. There were dramas, arguments, near-rampages and a myriad of other salty, pointy, jabby interactions.

Other than the full moon tomorrow, I haven't a clue what was going on- but due to that intense energy all week long, I just kind of needed a break. To be real, my head was so fuzzy from it that I had nothing of value to say to anyone anyway. I wanted to crawl into a sensory deprivation tank.

But this week is a new week, and today is a new day, I'm happy to report. Things are back on the upswing minus a few moody so's-and-so's at work. What else is new there, amiright? So here are some happy things that have happened over the past week, to remind me (and you, if you're into it) that positivity is still all around even if it feels like everyone is out to get you.

*Dogs all across Nepal showered with love and gifts on June 27th, the day to celebrate dogs! That is so rad.

*In the first three months of this year, Scottish wind turbines produced enough electricity to power 960,000 Scottish homes for an entire year! That's amazing!

*This guy turned eight. Happy birthday, Comodino!

*And the ruling for Marriage Equality! I and my little family are thrilled for it and send all the best wishes and congratulations out there to the throngs of new brides and grooms out there!

I hope y'all have a truly wonderful day, friends! I promise I will be back to somewhat normal soon!

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