Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Good & The Bad...

I had every intention of posting a detailed post about bad job interviews and what they teach you. I wrote it yesterday and reread it about fourteen times before I decided I sounded a bit petty (and angry), though the message was good. So instead, I am going to give a reader's digest version of what happened on a bad interview recently and what it taught me.

The Bad: 

Weasel-y interviewer, said he didn't have time for me. He proceeded to insult my education, experience and my actual name. Not a fan of women in general, he apparently finds the fact that women have children inconvenient. Most of this was done quite passive-aggressively with several actual barbs. I also caught him looking at my chest. He told me I basically had the job (because they are desperate). Twice. But, I left feeling defeated as I am quite in need of a career change, but working for that creep wasn't an option. I cried in a diner over scrambled eggs. I felt like a Joan/Peggy hybrid.

The Good:

Some time with my mom and step-dad cheered me up and most of the anger went away. I felt a bit rejuvenated actually. I felt like I was aiming my sights too low anyway and that I should aim for better things. Things that make me a little happier, even if they aren't "my life's work". There is a whole lot out there that would be better than where I am now, and where I could have ended up if I had accepted that job.

Something I love about the KonMari Method I've been so excitedly practicing over the past few weeks is the psychological bent it takes in regard to letting things go. Generally, as with most every human I've ever met, "letting go" doesn't always come easily. I find it's even harder when my feelings get hurt. In the KonMari Method, when you let go of a physical item, you thank it. You either say "thank you, Winter Coat for keeping me warm all of those chilly days" or "thank you Brown Dress, for showing me what styles actually look good on me and which do not". In this case, Mr. Creep is a hideous brown dress I'm throwing out.

What a gift that sad person gave me. He showed me that you have to kiss some frogs before you find the right gig. He also showed me that I'm worth a lot more than the jobs I've been looking for.

Have you any interview horror stories?! Tell me yours and I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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  1. I am glad you found the silver lining in that rain cloud!!!! You are worth more than that!