Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sign Stealing Lizards...

The little Lu, of Sign-Stealing Lizards fame.

Hello friends! I hope you had a great weekend and a terrific Monday! I finally have an entire day off, and let me tell you guys, I'm stoked. I have a list of things that must be done and things I want to do, plus some major relaxation thrown in there for good measure.

Anyway, the other day my mom and I were laying in the grass and talking about stuff (I know, we can be pretty damn cute) and we started giggling about silly things we used to do, believe or say when we were kids. Things like:

"When I was little I'd sleep with the covers up around my neck because I was afraid of vampires getting me when I slept." or

"I used to think the song 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' was 'Sign-stealing Lizards'."

I personally also would freeze and pretend I was a life-sized doll when my parents would leave me in the car to run in somewhere to do errands (it was the 80's and everyone did it, don't judge). Why a life-sized doll? I thought that no one would want a life-sized doll that wasn't in its original box, but they would want to steal a little kid. In my mind, it was genius. Also, my dad used to think brown cars would taste like chocolate until he licked one when he was about three!

Well, we got so tickled thinking up all the little things that crossed our minds as kids, I thought I would just share it with you because it's silly and innocent and that's how we all used to be. I think it is special and important to stay connected with that little person, because that little person is still in your heart and mind and must be nurtured.

Isn't it funny to remember thinking all of those things and they're nestled somewhere in our minds from our life's journey (which also made me think of the the long-term memory labyrinth from this new movie)?

Our minds are incredible, no? I'm constantly amazed by some of the things it holds on to (such as every word of every episode of Gilmore Girls and Steel Magnolias in their entirety as well as so many lyrics to songs it technically may be obscene.). I'm also likewise quite consistently surprised by the things it releases back to the wild (What was her name again, because I totally know her?! How do you do Geometry again? Where is Montevideo?).

Take some time today to remember those things we use to think about (quicksand!). I guarantee you'll

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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