Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!

I can't believe it's the first of May already (hope you remembered to say "Rabbit Rabbit"). April seemed like it flew by and also took forever. I'm happy to say though, that I welcome this new month and with it more fun experiments, maybe even a day trip to the beach if we're lucky too.

The hubs and I are spending a lot of time in the new house (the beach house as I've been referring to it) and trying to organize, tidy and all-round feather the nest. One thing I've learned so far, living in a tiny house- small refrigerators are the jam!

We bought a small fridge when we moved in partially because the landlord left us an enormous "normal house sized" fridge and it was just too huge for the space. But also, we had talked about getting a smaller fridge a few years ago because we were getting tired of losing food to the back "graveyard" of the fridge and wasting money on wasted food. So, we invested (a whopping $143) on an igloo (can't remember the exact cubic feet but something like 12-19) and we have loved it!

It makes you think before spending money at the grocery store and it's so nice to have everything right where you can see it. So, so far so good. We'll see how I'm feeling when it's time for Thanksgiving leftovers (because my freezer is about the size of a laptop).

Also, so far the window unit air conditioner is doing its job really well. However, it hasn't gotten over 90 yet- so a plan is in effect for that situation when/if need be. Adjusting to not having a shower is...interesting. It hasn't really been an issue yet, but like I said- it also hasn't gotten above 90 degrees yet so we'll see!

I'm surprised to admit that I'm enjoying my postage stamp of a kitchen. It was a real worry of mine when we were in the middle of moving because cooking is my little sanctuary. But I'm happy to say it's been pretty nice. It slopes on one side so that's been kind of a silly "pretend we're just on a house boat" kind of thing.

I did make some delicious Paleo-ish turkey meatballs in an Asian broth/sauce with sesame seeds. I don't really have a recipe for you because I totally made it up as I went, but I'll try to get it written down for you this week.

Anyway! Happy beginning of May and I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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