Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thoughts on Derailment

I've said before that when I get going with big changes in my life that inevitably within a week or two something happens that I feel derails me. Well, last week there was an attempt of derailment and I'm weathering it pretty well. Not marvelously but well, and here are the reasons why I consider myself succeeding:

*I'm not giving up. That's the main thing. But also...

*Just because an incident throws me off-kilter doesn't mean that it's a total loss for the goals I'm working toward. Like realizing I'd not only gained back three of the pounds I'd lost in January but also gained three more! It made me work harder this week and make better choices instead.

*Going to bed when I'm tired instead of doing the things on my to-do list doesn't mean I've broken the cycle and can't get back on track the next day. I worked a few really exhausting shifts last week and partnered with the time change, my body just needed more rest. All the things on my to-do list are getting done (though it's at a slower rate) and I will not beat myself up for it. Though my subconscious mind did try to tell me I was being lazy, I knew that I just needed some self-care time.

*I did one small thing even when I felt like that dark wave I mentioned yesterday was creeping up. Instead of beating myself up, I did two minutes of sit-ups. I really did that! Instead of going to bed feeling like I'd failed because I didn't do the things on my to-do list, I tidied the bathroom counter after I brushed my teeth so when I woke up, it'd look nice.

And that's the thing. Progress isn't black and white. It isn't a staircase as much as it is a ramp. Just keep on truckin' y'all! Don't give up on your goals! You can do it, and so can I!

Have a wonderful and productive day!

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  1. sometimes it is good to just let loose and not be regimented every day. You need breaks and balance is the key. You do great and so much on such a busy schedule .... very inspiring!