Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Happies!

Hey y'all! What a long week. I'm working all weekend, but I'm keeping a smile on my face. Here's this week's list of funs, happies, pretties, interestings and what-not's to help keep a smile on your face too! Here we go!

*I weirdly love this bathing suit. One pieces aren't really my style, but I may need to reconsider that because...well, mid-thirties. I like this one too...

*Wanna know what goings-on are happening in the deep ole dirty South this Spring? Check it out!

*Would LOVE this for the new house...but $600...not quite ready for that!

*You know I love those "100 years of" posts! Here's 100 years of fitness. So great!

*And Jane Fonda of course!

*Super Troopers is crowd-funding a sequel fourteen years after the first! Sweet!

*I've never seen an eclipse of any kind. Last week a solar eclipse could be seen (it seems like) everywhere but where I was. So, I found this list!

*Robert Plant and Jack White covered "The Lemon Song". Wild.

*I'd flaunt it too. Good for her.

*I LOVE CAPYBARAS. Let's just get that straight. But look! They all took a hot tubby together! The hurts.

*Dude. The first grade preparedness checklist from 1979 shows a whole lot of change has happened in a short amount of time. I can't say I'm the hugest fan of how helpless people seem to be making them these days.

*Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, shows the irrelevance of major networks like NBC. Wowsers.

*This woman followed the 90's dating rule book "The Rules" for three months and hilarity ensues.

*Cool. This artist created world maps from food. I love stuff like that. Remember these guys?

*I seem to have a beacon inside me that lures former flight attendants into my life. It makes for great stories and friendships. Did you know they have their own language?

*This lady inspired me this week. She lost 200 pounds and did a 10K! When she started having difficulty toward the end, her son and a police officer helped her finish. Even though she finished last, she's the winner to me!

Have a great weekend, guys!!

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