Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hope SPRIGS eternal.

Some attempts at color in the pit.

Hey y'all! It's Tuesday and it already feels like the week is flying by! Did you have a good weekend? I surely hope so (and should have asked yesterday). I feel like Spring is just around the corner and I'm beginning to see signs of it everywhere.  Keep in mind that I live in North Florida, so even though we had a heck of a cold snap last week (19 degrees!), it still doesn't compare to what's going on all over the country right now. My thoughts are still with all of you dealing with the ice and snow.

Anywho- I had a moment yesterday when I was full to busting over something so small (what else is new, right?). Well, let's just say my backyard has been a thorn in my side for...the entire time I've lived in my apartment. Measures have been taken throughout the years to make the most of what is essentially an 15x10 square of hardly useable space/dustbowl or mud pit depending on the weather. I love gardening too, but with our two pups running amuck out there, it's hardly been the serene sanctuary I'd hoped for. Mostly it's just been dusty and ahem- fragrant. I've been quite ashamed of it to be honest.

But a few weeks ago, on a whim, I bought some grass seed and tossed it out on a small patch of dirt. I watered it a little and then went about my business figuring if anything came of it, awesome. If not- it's no different than the pit it has always been.

Weeks have gone by and I've checked occasionally but nothing's come of it...then BAM! Three days ago, my hubs and I were talking about something or another and happened to be standing at the back door and lo and behold! Grass has started to crop up in a few spots in the yard! It brought such a soaring sense of joy to my heart. 

The next day I hopped out there in my bathrobe and sprinkled seeds everywhere. Even if it's aways a little patchy, I absolutely do not care. That depressing, sad pit of dirt is brightening up sprig by precious sprig and it's given me sense of hope I didn't realize I needed so badly.

It's getting me through some stuff and I know it may seem a little silly. But my heart is doing better for it.

Where can you find a little joy and hope in your life?

I hope you have a truly wonderful day! Also, I wish a wonderful birthday to my dad, Richard Carpenter up there is icy Nashville, Tennessee! I love you, Papa and I hope your day is magnificent!!!  Can't wait to get up there and visit with you!


  1. I think that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen Lu ! Grandma and Memaw are smiling down from heaven at you! xoxo

  2. Aw thank you Mama! I like to think so too! I love you!!

  3. That is sweet Lulu. Thank you for the birthday wishes. I love you! Papa

  4. Love you too Papa! Happity Birfday!