Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Happies- Viva Nashvegas!!

Hey y'all! Well, we made it through the snow up to Nashville to visit our family up here. It's crisp and lovely out (though I'm sure they'd all prefer the North Florida sunshine!). I'll be Nashing it up all weekend, but here's this week's happies, pretties, funnies, interestings and what-nots to get you geared up fro your weekend! Here we go!

*My FAVORITE place to eat. Period. It just happens to be in Nash.

*I enjoyed this dad's ideas and tips for traveling as a family with an infant.

*Passionate multi-cultural conversations about clutter (and what to do- if anything- about it!). You know I love that!!

*Awesome apron. So chic, so simple!!

*Ooooh, wearable works of art, you say?

*THE 2015 COOKBOOK COOK OFF! Otherwise known as The Piglet! I'm so in!!

*Kids playing classic rock on xylophones?! Yes please!!

*Norm MacDonald's riveting look behind the scenes of the SNL anniversary. It explains a lot! 

*Button Box! A super interesting-seeming book of historical fiction set in New Orleans. What a great name (and so Southern) for a book! On the list!

*These guys wanted to report on the superhuman strength of pregnant women and moms. So they did something a little...bold! Dig. Pretty confident dudes, I think it's awesome. 

*The hubs adorably calls my romper a "rompy". I think this rompy is particularly ladylike!

*Well that's one heck of a grown up Easter basket!!

*I could use these this weekend! Or...all the time!

*Don't these look delicious?!

*This is one of my favorite shops in Tally, it's all about olive oils and balsamic vinegars! So yummy!

I hope y'all enjoy! Have a truly wonderful day!!

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