Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Put some good out there.

Earlier this week, a little girl survived a plane crash that killed her parents and other members of her family. This little girl (seven years old) walked through the Kentucky wilderness in very cold temperatures (though she was dressed for warm Florida weather) and found the actual closest possible house, got help and managed to direct rescue workers to the crash site. She did this with a broken wrist and covered in blood from other minor injuries. Her name is Sailor and she is safe and cared for in the custody of her grandmother now.

I am in awe of this little girl: her wits, the survival skills she remembered and her fortitude. If you want to join me in donating to this fund for her, please do. If you have another organization that speaks to you, please give a little to it today. I am reminded that remarkable comes in many shapes, sizes and situations. This is just one of many.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day.

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