Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Happies!

Pretty towels (see below).

Hey y'all! Sorry this is getting out a bit late, but it's still chock-full of pretties, happies and fun things to help you kick off your weekend right! Hang on and enjoy the ride!

*Groovy Harry Potter books! Rather chic, I'd say!

*I really dig the Akola Project, what they do and provide as well as all the pretty things they sell.

*We did the 12 grapes thing this new year. Have you ever done it? It was fun and harder than I thought to get twelve grapes down my gullet in less than a minute.

*This monkey saved his friend when he was electrocuted and fell unconscious! Its sweet and a little heartbreaking watching him panic, but in the end he's a little monkey hero! Aw!!

*I kinda love these.

*How to stop hitting the snooze button. I need this! I've been a regular snooze-hound for weeks now and it just makes me feel sleepier!

*This made me smile because it's totally me every day!

*I'm in the market for a new watering can. My last one was my grandmother's and finally kicked the bucket (no pun intended). This one is beautiful!

*I don't usually wear a lot of blue, but I think this hat is so pretty!!

*Interesting read about how 2014 was a thriving year for female choreographers! Cool!

*Twelve monthly wellness challenges to try this year! I like #2 and #12 in particular!

*Lonny online magazine's 2015 resolutions! I could get lost on that website. It's such decorative inspiration!

*These Meyer Lemon Eclairs sound positively incredible.

*I have zero need for this in any way but it's so darn cute!!!

*One of the things I'd like to do this year is slowly replace my towels with nice white fluffy luxurious spa-y towels. I love these "woodgrain" towels. So pretty (and reasonable for organic too!).

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