Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dark & stormy

What a stormy day today! After another loooong day today, alls I wanna do is snug up in my cosiest of jammies and do some Netflix binging! As I've mentioned a dozen times, I love Phryne Fisher, but I just finished her last available series. So, thanks to my love of British (and in the case of Phryne, Austrailian) mystery shows, it was suggested I watch The Vicar of Dibley. It's great! It's a (tres moderne) show from the early 90's about a female vicar in a tiny British conservative town. It has a terrible laugh track, but it is cute and charming. I thought it was too neat & tidy for me until the end of the first episode with the vicar makes a rather funny off-colour joke. Done & done!!

Give it a watch with a hot cup of tea and a snuggly pup (if you can muster one). Have a great (and hopefully not so stormy) day!

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