Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To every season...

All photos by moi, Lulu Carpenter Ortolano

I took a walk yesterday morning, and it was beautiful. I mean, stunning. The sun was creeping above the tree line and illuminating the smudges of color beginning to show on the cypress, oaks and other trees I haven't learned the name of yet, but want to. It made me realize how much the season has changed since I was doing the pretty regular "being present" meditations at the end of summer.

It is astonishing how quickly time goes by. I wanted to put that morning in a bottle so I could visit it every day, but that is the bittersweet beauty of nature and the season, no? It moves along perfectly and we're supposed to be the ones who keep up, no the other way around.

Take a few minutes today (you can find a way to sneak it in). Just sit out in it. Put your hand on a knobby tree trunk and just be out in it. Feel the cool air on your cheeks. Listen to the soothing percussive rustling of leaves. Notice the colors, and the smells. Breathe it in and let it out. I guarantee you'll feel a bit better and more relaxed.

It's so important to remember your place on this blue marble and to take the time to realize how amazing it all really is.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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