Thursday, November 20, 2014

Friday Happies!

Happy Friday, y'all! How was your week? Mine was filled with work and getting a head start on holiday gift shopping. I can't believe they are creeping in so soon!

*As the holidays loom ever closer, I think I may need this mitten flask to get through...just kidding...maybe!

*This seems like a cool gift or thing to try on a blustery, cold night!

*Let me tell you a story about the best socks ever. Boom. They're just the best for your snuggly tootsies! I absolutely live in mine (cold tile floors, brrrr!).

*I really want to make this for my pitifully orchestrated kitchen! Clever and chic, no?

*I've had this song in my head for a day or two now. I had forgotten how utterly awesome this video was!!

*Well, damn! Aunt Bill's brown candy sounds just amazing. What a nice thing to give to neighbors and to have stashed for emergency "oh my god! I forgot to give so-and-so a present!" moments this holiday session.

*Unconventional but awesome wedding ideas, indeed! I particularly like #9, it made me laugh out loud.

*As if I could afford these...but aren't they so lovely and classic?!

*I wouldn't mind this bad boy in my stocking this Christmas. It looks so delicious!

*What an interesting story!! I can't wait to see this documentary!

*And I would top off that with a couple of these! Dang that sounds so good!

And last but not least!

*Welp, this is pretty much the plan for me this Winter!

I hope you have a truly wonderful weekend!

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