Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thoughts on Progress

The moon from my back yard.

How about that Full Moon last night? Did you catch the lunar eclipse on Wednesday (morning, approximately 3:25 AM)? I just love this time of year so much (I know, I know- I only say it every day)! There really is something some special and basic about getting out under the beautiful Fall moon and sky and letting it wash over you.

This season is a great time to evaluate the progress you've made over the year, as I've mentioned earlier. It's a time to cull from the mistakes made over the year and really begin to formulate an action plan to make progress for the future year. Sound bonkers? Well, in many cultures this time of year is the time of ancestors. Who better to help you learn from your mistakes than your ancestors, right? I can practically hear my grandmothers giving me "helpful" advice as I type this. Just kidding with the air quotes, my late grandmas were awesome (and so is the lovely one I'm fortunate enough to have left, love you Bev!)

But seriously, progress is something so fascinating to me. It exists not only in the major actions, but in the minutia. If you read every Monday, then you know that I believe in the teeny incremental things we do that further our progress.

I've mentioned lately that I've been overwhelmed. I've been feeling a bit "cart before the horse", a little "static in the brain", and quite frankly- a little bit failure-y lately.   I'm trying to recalibrate. I've been trying to remember all the little things do add up and that I'm in that middle part of progress where it feels stale and burdensome to continue the actual work of making changes. Basically, I'm writing this as a reminder to myself and to anyone out there reading who experiences the same or similar, that its worth it. That real change is on the way if you work on it every day, even if it feels a bit burdensome sometimes.

I know I can do it, and you can too. It takes determination for a better life. It takes dedication to the goal you have set. It takes faith in yourself that you can do it. Take some time tonight, really think about the goals you set at the beginning of the year. Think of the progress you've made, and do just one thing to further your progress today.

I hope you have a truly wonderful (and progressive) day!

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