Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Boardwalk Empire! What a stunningly designed and orchestrated show and it's almost over. Waaah! I think it would be so fun to have a themed party for the finale. Of course, I have no one in my little town circle of friends that enjoys a beautiful yet violent show like Boardwalk Empire. So I'm falling down the rabbit hole of the internet devouring all the pretty fashions and miscellany purely for myself and for you to enjoy!

At the beginning of the season, the show jumps from 1924 to 1931 which came as a surprise to a lot of people. However, it has been very enjoyable watching this beautiful designed show tackle an even more violent world than it left us with at the end of last session (if possible!). Anyway, the clothes and the characters are just great. This reminds me of Patricia Arquette's awesome (and Floridian) character, Sally Wheet. What a force of nature!

Love that whacky manicure too! She's such a badass! (No spoilers here).

A menu from a Farewell Dinner in 1931. It's so funny! Mixed pickles, caviar and iced table celery to start!

Here's a recipe from 1931 from the Chicago Tribune for that classic of classics, Pineapple Icebox Pie! While you're at it, read all the articles! It's so fun to read the old newspapers.

Much of the first part of the season is in Havana, Cuba. Therefore I present to you, The Hotel Nacional Special.

Got a little ditty to enjoy, The Tiger Rag by The Mills Brothers.

I've had so much fun learning about the year 1931. A lot was going on in the country and the show definitely shows just one or two perspectives on what was otherwise a diversely trying time in our nation. However, suspension of disbelief is an amazing thing and it sure is fun to imagine yourself in these places, with these clothes and fabulous food and drink (still illegal at the time). I hope you enjoy this little look into that world.

Have a truly wonderful day!

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