Monday, September 8, 2014

Little Victories

Hello dear friends! I hope your weekend was wonderful and relaxing. Mondays around here all about celebrating the little victories in life that edge us closer to the big change. Sometimes it seems like you're plugging away all day every day and not making any progress. It's times like these its important to stop, take a few minutes and recognize the little victories in life that prove you really are making progress. Even if it's teeny incremental progress- you're still moving forward. I'm going to share a few of my little victories from the previous week in hopes that you will take notice of yours and even share them here with me if you feel so inclined! Here we go!

*I took a cooking class! I've thought about doing it for years, talked about it for a few more and finally just did it on Saturday. It was kind of impromptu and it was fun. It felt good to do something different, and a little out of the ordinary. I walked away from it with a few new ideas. I really enjoyed that it featured a lot of products made here in my little hometown. Check out the gal I took the class from here!

*I went dancing to live music. I use to do that several nights a week when I was a young, "foxy" little thing. Well, I definitely felt older this time around, but it was great live, local music. I cut a mean rug by myself on the dance floor and had so much fun. After so many years of depression amongst other things, it felt so good to let go and move.

*I didn't get the treat. It struck me a few times, perhaps when I was bored, or just super hungry that frozen yogurt, or nutella or a chocolate bar or dessert would be so great. I didn't do it though. I may have had a few more beers than is typical however...

*I got my hair cut. Someone massacred my hair back in March and I've been trying to grow it out and not feel self-conscious throughout the duration. It took me a while before I had the money saved and I have to say it feels so good to feel/look remotely like my old self again. It may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it was quite the victory for me.

What are your little victories? I'd love to know! I hope you have a truly wonderful day! Oh! And be sure to spend some time beneath the Harvest Supermoon tonight!

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