Thursday, August 21, 2014

Love Yo'self!

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This week has been a successful self-care week for me. All the things I say I'm going to do or yearn to do to better care for myself, I've actually attempted. Yay! I've been rummaging through my archives online and found loads more awesome things we can do to show our bodies and spirits that we love them.

Our bodies take a beating in so many ways. Even things we can't see, like sun damage, electromagnetic energies, radiation- they are bombarding our bodies 24/7. Our spirits take a pounding from internal and external forces as well. Sometimes our inner voice is far more cruel than anything coming at you from others. Sometimes we are stuck in unhealthy situations at work or in relationships that can slowly but surely erode ours spirits.

Take control. No one will swoop in and save you. You must care for yourself. Your vessel, your heart, your spirit are all under your guardianship. Honor them in every way you can. You are worth the effort. Here are a few new ideas to help you along!

*I drink apple cider vinegar every day in a glass of pure cranberry juice and dandelion root tea. It makes my hair shiny and my skin all glowy. Here's 10 other ways to use it!

*Eat these fresh and fruity salsas while the produce is still so fresh and delicious!

*I'm saving my pennies for a jar of this stuff, but I'm trying this in the meantime.

*Tapping for stress relief. Intriguing!

*I think I'm going to make this sometime next week. Not necessarily for the hair loss, but it sounds so luxurious! Do you think you would try it?

*I've had stretch marks since I was thirteen. Yay, genetics! I think I'm going to give this a whirl too. Hope is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

*The one thing my husband and I always try to do for ourselves is keep nice candles in the house. Is that silly? Maybe. But, there is something about it that makes us feel like we are really on the path we want to be (after years of tough times). We don't go shopping, we rarely go out to eat, haven't been to a movie in three years...yet, we procure one nice, lovely-smelling candle every other month or so to keep a peaceful ambiance in the house. I have the Marine scented version of this right now and I absolutely love it.

Do y'all have any self-care secrets or treatments or things you do to show yourself love? I'd like to hear them!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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