Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Victories!

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Good Monday to you, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was "normal" and spent doing chores (but enjoying it because things had kind of stacked up at the house), planning my week's menu,  and hanging out with my awesome step-dad listening to Irish music.

In the spirit of Mondays on P&PPS, let's celebrate the little victories that give us hope that things are moving forward and that we are progressing however slowly it may seem...

*I didn't order the thing. I went out to eat a lot this weekend. Not typical for me, and boy did I want to order BLT's and many orders of French fries. Instead I ordered salads and salmon and broccoli...and ahem, full disclosure, étouffée (and ate a handful of my husband's fries instead). It may not seem like a victory to you, but it is when you consider I could have eaten a kajillion more calories than I actually did.

*I skipped the drinks. All but two days this week. I usually enjoy a beverage once a night (or twice...) but this week I was really trying to have less and drink for the right reasons (like I want one instead of "I'm stressed, I should have one- I deserve it"). It's paid off in the waist-line department!

*I mailed the thing. Let me be real. I'm bad about mailing things in a timely manner. For example, I have a one year anniversary present for dear friends that I have saved for an entire calendar year that I was supposed to mail last May. Have I mailed said sentiment? Nope. But I did manage to put together a little something for a dear, dear friend who has moved away. She's the friend that sent me cards at every address I've ever lived at when no one else did. It means more than probably anyone realizes, and I've felt rotten for years about not returning the favour. So, I somehow managed to scrounge up some adult-like fortitude and get that shit mailed out. I don't know if she got it, but I know I can finally scratch it off my list. Next? That damn anniversary gift...hoping to get that to them by their 18 monther!

What are your little victories this week, friends? I'd love to know!

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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