Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Victories

An old picture of me and my baby love. He was five then, his tenth birthday is in 20 days! They grow up so fast! 

Mondays can feel brutal. I think sometimes its quite a good idea to celebrate little victories; things that normally could have ruined your day but you chose not to let them. You chose instead to be proactive, or even less reactive (in some cases). I thought it'd be encouraging to list a few of my little victories in hopes to inspire you to take notice of yours. Too often we take notice of the things that go wrong instead of all the things we do right or better or more peacefully; but those little things add up so quickly! Please share some of your little victories with me, I would genuinely love to know!

*I accidentally gave myself a paper cut at work the other day. Yes I yelled "Fuck ME!!" super loudly in the back office. Then I took a moment and just looked at my surroundings. I was rushing like mad for no real reason. There was no time limit on my task and yet I was plowing it through it when I didn't need to. A bad habit I've picked up, I guess, somewhere along the line. So, you know what I did? I slowed the hell down. I made sure I was doing my task correctly, not just quickly and it saved my sweet little digits more abuse (and possibly even prevented some errors). It didn't even take that much more time, but it my dear friends, was a little victory for me.

*I didn't eat all the peanut butter M&M's. Was I PMSing? Oh yes. Could I have eaten a chocolate covered foot at that point? Um, probably! But I didn't. I grabbed a handful and ate them while rolling my eyes to the back of my head and making obscene sounds. Then I left the rest for some other moment of need. I don't know about y'all but that's one heck of a victory in my book! And that handful of candies, tasted better than that whole bag would have- I'm sure of it.

*Instead of going straight upstairs to work on yet another task or fold laundry or get my stuff ready for work the next day; I stopped on the stairs and called to my pup. He's almost ten, but he's forever my baby. I felt I hadn't been paying him enough attention lately. So I sat on the stairs and played with him. I buried my face into his little sweet-smelling, super-soft fur and gave him so many kisses he was like "Aw Moooomm, stahp!!!" But he loved it. I loved it. We played tug of war with his favorite toy. It took about five minutes. It would have been five minutes without him I would have missed one day. That is a victory and oh, I love that little boy so much it aches!

Funny how little victories can seem so very big after all, no? What are some of yours? I'd love to know!

I truly hope you have a wonderful day!

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