Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Creative Saturday Meditation

Hello, friends! I hope this Saturday finds you well. I know from personal experience, it can be challenging to take a few minutes for yourself to decompress, or de-stress. Sometimes I get so frustrated at a lack of inspiration, I busy myself with nonsense instead of taking the time to beckon inspiration to me.

 Today, I want to walk you through a different type of meditation. A meditation for awakening your creativity. Steal some time today and play this song. Close your eyes and let your imagination run wild. Have trouble quieting a busy mind? Try these ideas:

*As the song begins, imagine a glorious blank canvas in your mind's eye. Now picture a fat drop of watercolor paint plopping down onto the page and morphing into different shapes as the music moves you. A dancer, a running horse, a waterfall- whatever your mind takes you to, go with it. Leave perfectionism at the door. This is your place, your sanctuary, your escape from stress. No one can see this but you, so don't allow any negativity or judgement in. Or try this...

*Imagine a day beginning as the song does. Let your imagination create the environment and watch the weather change as the song does. Is it a beach on a cloudless day? A mountain view and a trickling stream? Perhaps walking through a lush forest or bobbing in a canoe on a lake? Are you watching a storm roll in? See what your mind wants to create. Let it take you there. It's only four minutes, but what a difference it can make.

You'd be surprised at how much good little exercises like this does. Cobwebs are swept out and perspectives, inspirations, and positivity trickles in. I hope you enjoy this one, I certainly have.

I hope you have a truly wonderful day!

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