Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Watch that first step, it's a Lulu!

photo from Pinterest.

Good morning, my name is Lu. I, like a lot of people out there, struggle with finding my place in the world. I struggle with staying positive when external variants seem determined to bring me down. I struggle with a lack of courage, self-sabotage and sometimes dependencies.

I had a realization a few months back that no one was going to swoop down and save me. It sounds simple, but it was mind-blowing. I'm not a spoiled person. I work really hard at my job, I have fought my way out of a lot of dark and negative places (some of my own creation, some just life stuff), but somewhere deep down in my mind there was this little kid that kept hoping and expecting to be saved; for someone to offer me my dream job, or for the perfect inexpensive cottage to come up for rent or whatever the fantasy may be. Silly, but true.

Instead of waiting, wallowing or wishing, I've been working since that realization, to affect the changes I want in my life despite the fact that it can feel overwhelming and impossible at times.

One of the things that makes me the happiest in my life is when a friend of mine calls needing a dose of positivity. To be reassured that they are stronger and more competent than they realize or feel at the moment. It is a complete delight to be able to bring rays of happiness and peace their way because they do the same for me. So, even though I am in a current job situation that is both psychologically unhealthy and physically daunting, and money is a constant issue; I've gotten out of shape and feel rather icky, and the world seems to be burning down around us as I write this...I have decided to create a safe and happy place for myself and anyone else who wants to hang out.

This will be a place of optimism, happiness, peace, health and kindness. A sanctuary and a place, much like the Tardis on Dr. Who, that is much bigger, brighter, and fantastic on the inside. I hope you join me, and I hope that you have a truly wonderful day.

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